Guest post: birth story

birth, babies, bodies, breastfeeding

Here is the link to the birth story post I wrote for blogger The Mule. I discussed the emotions stirred up by recounting birth yesterday Her blog is on my blog roll and can be found here. She has always been supportive and kind to me, whilst producing a provocative, poetic, thought provoking body of […]

14th May 2012

Birth stories…

birth, babies, bodies, breastfeeding, hope

Two weeks ago we were back with my second son in the hospital where my first was born. More hours to think, gazing at our London, which now of course, five years on from my start at mothering, has a great shard across it, cutting up through the skyline. While there I was mulling. A […]

13th May 2012

Reckless truthes: Blogging & therapy


Blake Morrison, one of my literary idols, wrote a wonderful memoir called And When Did You Last See Your Father? It isn’t my favourite of his books, I prefer the engaging enraging force of exploration behind As If, his account of covering the trial of the two children accused and convicted of murdering James Bulger, […]

17th November 2011