Repeat to fade

birth, babies, bodies, breastfeeding / Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

All I want is a good night’s sleep
I love Newborn dearly but I don’t want to hear a peep
So he’d better learn to count some sheep
‘Cos a good night’s sleep would be loverly LOV-ER-LY

You have more than a room somewhere
A lovely cot built with swearing and care
Monkey, giraffe, your book and a bear
So why, won’t you sleep, my loverly? LOV-ER-LY

Your face is as perfect as a face could be
You’re like a tyrant sweetheart, can’t you see?
I know like you the fault lies with me
But some sleep (you know sleep?) would be loverly. LOV-ER-LY

I love you more than I ever could say
And I almost love our midnight play
But I really do long for the day
When you sleep for a night my loverly. LOV-ER-LY

On saturday you turn will one
A baby no more, you’re a toddler my son
A year? Surely you know the battle is won…
So please let me sleep my little one. LITTLE ONE

I want you happy and loved you know
And safe and warm ’til the morning glow
But I’d cut off a finger or a toe
For just one full sleep my lover-ly. LOV-ER-LY

I know this isn’t a traditional song
Writing it down seems a little bit wrong
But by God I really do long
For a good night’s sleep my lover-ly.

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