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I loved the film Shame. I found it moving, and simple, and complicated, and dirty, and clean all at the same time. I was drawn in but horrified, not by the central character’s sex addiction but the easy decline of me into voyeur, and the extent of that voyeurism. I was as pulled into the […]

20th August 2012

Fun with medicine?

family & parenting

I love Citizen Kane. I’ve been round the houses in formulating my view, seen its bombastic flaws and stupid overindulgence and returned to loving the audacity of the hero and, furthermore, the way this chimes with the audacity of the film-maker behind it. It is hard to watch this canonical film, though it is utterly […]

8th March 2012

Singing lessons (and biting)

family & parenting

He’s been ill again, Boy2. Since last week. Though I wouldn’t want you to think he hasn’t been cared for, cleaned, cuddled, Calpol-ed and, when appropriate, seen by medical professionals, I was kind of in denial. I kept an initial low profile for a few reasons. Firstly, because it isn’t fair to go into too […]

17th January 2012

Deep Breaths – Part Two – Four Days

family & parenting

  I like institutions. As a rule they play to my sense of natural justice and speedy sense of injustice when systems go wrong. They have a comforting intractability and strangeness, even when you are a clear outsider fumbling to understand the rules. The weirdness of our hospital stay was enhanced by being in an […]

7th December 2011

Deep Breaths – Part One – Day Four

family & parenting

After our ride in an ambulance and decorating disaster we were seen, soothed and sent home under doctor’s orders to return to hospital if he got any worse, or if we were worried. I feel for paediatricians, all doctors actually, because I think they have to tread a fine line between dismissing concerns and scaring […]

6th December 2011

Private lives

family & parenting

What a world we live in. I’ve been astonished by recent events. By the revelations about News International. So much has happened in less than a week. The newstand is forever changed, although a passing glance still reveals what look suspiciously like tawdry comics are still on sale, to adults with their combination of gossipmongering […]

11th July 2011

It had its moments…

family & parenting

Our holiday is over and we are back in the whirl, and the occasional birdsong floating through the sunny afternoon quiet, of our city home. Spider-boy is back at nursery and Thathusband is back at work. So follows the post-mortems. And some questions. Are family holidays always strained? Do we remember them as more fun […]

19th May 2011

Little Suckers

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I was told a few years ago by someone who knew about babies (my NCT teacher perhaps?) that newborn babies have a perfect sense of smell because they’ve been grown in a bag of saline for so many months. I have happily repeated that fact many times, adding that I assume newborns must love the […]

7th May 2011