Into your arms, oh Lord…

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My second pregnancy was 30 odd weeks of dread and panic. It was one of those pregnancies where one drama followed another – bleeds, panic attacks, flashbacks, incontinence, hysteria and anxiety, tests for growth and diabetes, possible DVT, mental health speculation, and (literally) crippling SPD/PGP as my pelvis gave way. Even I was bored of […]

21st February 2011


birth, babies, bodies, breastfeeding, words

First words are a difficult subject for me, and I don’t mean the first words said by Spider-boy (for the record it was ‘baby’, he’s such a glorious narcissist) or his brother. I mean the first words I said to my children. The first words they heard from me. I really believed, before I had […]

26th January 2011

Late Expectations

birth, babies, bodies, breastfeeding

A very good friend of mine is overdue. I hope as I type she is inhaling a plate of blue cheese and pate with a velvety newborn on her knees. But if she isn’t I mainly hope she’s finding a way of negotiating the final hours of the crushing pressure of late, great expectations. The […]

15th January 2011

Mirror, mirror

birth, babies, bodies, breastfeeding

Today whilst collecting spiderboy from nursery I bumped into another Mum whose second is a similar age to mine. She was on her first trip out. As we worshipped each other’s little ones (hers sleeping like an angel, mine screaming like a demon) our conversation was spiced with a strong sense of relief – both […]

14th December 2010

Out of the woods?

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Since my first post I’ve been thinking that there are other reasons I wanted to write too. Partly because after my last pregnancy I experienced post-natal depression, another area which is plagued by both a lot of ignorance and also by a lot of teeny bits of knowledge. This time, so far, I haven’t experienced […]

13th December 2010