The L word


I don’t always shorten my name, but I can tell if I like people when they take it upon themselves. If I do, I feel loved and pleased with the pleasantry, if I don’t I feel indignation at the presumption. I’m not always keen on nick-names either, though that is because if they stick I […]

24th May 2011

Glorious (four-eyed) birds

family & parenting

I spent half an hour tonight attempting to ‘Madmen myself‘; that is, to create an avatar based on the hit US show. I don’t like photographs of myself as a rule, not because I am picky but because I am decidedly un-pic-y, ie not very photogenic at all. Great, I thought, I can use the […]

17th April 2011

Playing Mum

family & parenting

Some days I just can’t shake the feeling that I am somehow playing at being Mum. Playing at being an adult even. It isn’t just the constant improvisation and guesswork intricately knotted into the very fabric of parenting. The negotiations and promises, rewards and gestures, attempts at teaching lessons, endless reassurance and praise, the need […]

11th March 2011