A Bad Fit


Fashion. She’s my nemesis. I like clothes and I used to like clothes shopping. At least I think I used to like clothes shopping and have fond memories of trying things on in Miss Selfridges and the indie shops in Leicester when I was a teen. They are mainly memories of a couple of seasons […]

1st August 2011

The hunt for the perfect cardigan


Josie writes a blog, called ‘sleep is for the weak’. On it she has a writing workshop which I gingerly read and occasionally toy with entering posts to. My reticence is a remnant of the 6th form – all hanging at the back not feeling cool enough with my still too shiny DMs, my embarrassing […]

27th June 2011

Clothes Shopping – Oh Boy!

family & parenting

Just been to M&S, and had a quick look at pyjamas. Spider-Boy is growing at an alarming rate of knots and he needs some which fit his ranging arms and legs. I failed, of course. Not because there were no pyjamas but because each set had something which made me feel a bit weird about […]

25th January 2011