Wondering in the Wilderness


A couple of months ago a friend of mine tweeted that she’d woken up, written a chapter of her first novel, baked some scones and finished some paperwork. She cheekily added only one of the statements was true. I replied and asked if it was the baking. She responded (with her typical wit) that it […]

21st January 2011

Symmetry and Time Travel

depression, family & parenting, hope

I had my six week check today. It was a transforming experience, so different to the crazed meeting with my first child, and more impressively so different to the doctor’s appointments when I was pregnant.   My GP saw the date which has a fortuitous look to it 11.1.11. She’s the least sentimental seeming person […]

11th January 2011

For Crying Out Loud


A couple of days after my second son was born I was walking along my hallway and I burst into tears. Full heaving sobs which took me quite by suprise. I’d suffered from sever PND after my first son, and antenatal depression and complications including SPD/PGP with my second pregnancy. In fact, if I’m honest […]

11th January 2011

Out of the woods?

birth, babies, bodies, breastfeeding, depression

Since my first post I’ve been thinking that there are other reasons I wanted to write too. Partly because after my last pregnancy I experienced post-natal depression, another area which is plagued by both a lot of ignorance and also by a lot of teeny bits of knowledge. This time, so far, I haven’t experienced […]

13th December 2010