The best bit…

family & parenting

Now I’ve been parenting for 9 years, I know there are only three rules or pieces of advice that are worth anything. Two of them I have written about before: Buy a coat with a hood. Not for them, for you. You will never, ever, ever be able to handle an umbrella and a buggy, […]

7th November 2016

Ticks and Crosses

family & parenting

What I love most about motherhood is thinking back to me pre-mum days and remembering the things I said I would never do. I like pausing, just for a moment, to revel in what a bloody good mother I was before I had kids, sighing at my maternal genius and then thumping back to reality, […]

6th March 2011

What Goes Around, Comes Around…


Advice for weaning has changed since I had my first lad. Back then, in 2007, weaning before six months was, if not a cardinal sin, certainly not something easily discussed or admitted amongst the chattering NCT classes (of which I am, predictably, a member). The advice was half way through the first year. I waited, […]

27th January 2011


family & parenting

Mulling over my previous post I’ve just realised that a more prescient piece of advice to my pre-baby self would have been something far less cerebral and emotional: buy a coat with a hood. Pushing a buggy and holding a brolly just do not work. Ever. Mind you, given in these early sleep addled weeks […]

13th January 2011